Discovery Duckling 2

By the end of this stage your child should be able to:
  •     Enter the water safely and comfortably fully supported by an adult
  •     Float on the back with full adult support. (An adult should be at the side of the child and               able to maintain eye contact)
  •     Splash hands in the water
  •     Adult to move in a 360 degree turn holding child facing away from them. First close to                   them, then at arm’s length
  •     Move through the water in a streamlined position on their back with full support from an               adult
  •     Be at ease with the face being washed / splashed
  •     With full adult support move smoothly through the water in the vertical position
  •     Travel on the front or back with full adult support
  •     Make progress towards holding the side of the pool with adult support
  •     Exit the water safely with adult support
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