Rookie Lifeguards

Rookie Lifeguard courses

If you want your child to learn the basics of being a lifeguard, Fins Swimming Club offers Rookie Lifeguard courses at our private pool in Farnborough.
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Rookie Lifeguard

Our Rookie Lifeguard classes teach RLSS practices and Basic Life Support and are recommended once Stage 6 has been achieved.

The Rookie Lifeguard programme has been designed by water safety specialists at RLSS UK and aims to ensure that every child in the country has essential water skills to keep themselves safe and knowledge of what to do in an emergency. Children will learn many new skills, including towing, floating, diving from the surface and poolside and retrieving objects from the bottom of the pool. Children will be taught how to tread water efficiently, thus preserving heat and energy, as well as swimming with clothes on and removing them from within the water.

The programme features swimming and lifesaving skills supported by water safety education, allowing participants to enjoy swimming as an activity and, vitally, to protect their lives should an accident occur in or out of the water.

Rookie Lifeguards will work for Bronze, Silver and Gold awards, with three awards at each level. Theory-based lessons to back up practical skills take place on poolside.

Our Rookie Lifeguard classes are held on a Monday and Wednesday evening at Farnborough Hill School. Children are presented with a Rookie Lifeguard T-shirt at the end of their first term of Rookie Lifeguarding lessons. They are also invited along to our Awards Presentation to receive their awards as they progress through the programme.

In addition to lifeguard courses, we also offer diving and snorkelling courses. Please contact us if your child would like to enrol on any of our courses, or book through our online shop.
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I am delighted with the teaching and approach at Farnborough Fins. The teachers are really friendly but not too much! They have a great balance when encouraging the children and making them go that extra bit. All credit to them!

A great big thank you. Who’d have thought my water-phobic daughter would be able to improve so dramatically. She loves swimming now.
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Call Fins Swimming Club on 07944 165 604 for lifeguard courses in Farnborough.
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