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All about Swim England (formerly ASA) Learn to Swim Pathway

Supported by attractive certificates and badges as a reward, the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme is a world-leading syllabus to support children and adults to learn to swim and ensures your child receives the best possible instruction based on the swimming expertise of Swim England. Learning to swim is a fantastic experience that
opens up a world of possibilities to everyone, whilst ensuring that swimmers learn lifesaving skills.

The Pathway takes your child on a journey from their first splash to developing confidence and competence in the water. The Learn to Swim Awards are a great way to keep swimmers motivated throughout their swimming journey.

It starts with the Swim England Pre-School Framework before moving on to the movement skills of the Swim England Learn to Swim Framework Stages 1 to 7. The final part of your child’s journey is the Swim England Aquatic (pre-competitive) Skills Framework Stages 8 to 10.

New swimmers joining us will be placed in a class most appropriate to their ability. You can find more detail on the awards programme below.

Swim England Foundation Framework

Your child’s journey through aquatics starts with the Pre-School Framework, a programme for developing early-years water confidence, encouraged through sessions such as ‘adult and child’ and pre-school sessions.

Emphasis is on the development of very basic motor skills and an introduction to water and the swimming environment through fun and games.

Swim England Learn to Swim Framework (Stages 1-7)

These stages of the Learn to Swim Pathway take your child through FUNdamental Movement. They are based on developing skills, movement in the water and having fun.

Swim England Aquatic Skills Framework
(Stages 8-10)

These stages are called the FUNdamental Sport Skills of the Swim England Learn to Swim Pathway. They are discipline-specific and build on the swimming skills learned in Stages 1-7. They have been developed with the grass roots programmes of the individual sports so are great if your child wants to take up competitive swimming, water polo, synchro or diving.

Please contact us if you would like to enrol your child in one of our classes or to find out more about stroke techniques.
Swimmers can achieve a number of swimming awards, from Discovery Duckling, Duckling, Stage and Distance awards.

Each term, swimmers who have achieved Stage 4 and above are invited to attend our awards presentation.

Certificates and badges can be purchased from your poolside operator during your swimming lesson or from our online shop.

Foundation Framework

Certificates and badges may be purchased at the lesson from your poolside operator or from our online shop.

Learn To Swim Framework

Certificates and badges may be purchased at the lesson from your poolside operator or from our online shop.

Aquatic Skills (Pre-competitive Stages) Framework

Once the swimmer has developed the core range of skills required to be confident, competent and safe in the water through stages 1 – 7, the swimmer may then have the choice to take part in different aquatic disciplines.

FUNDAMENTAL SPORT SKILLS, STAGES 8 – 10 of the NPTS are available in Competitive Swimming and Rookie Lifesaving.

For Stages 8, 9 and 10 Competitive Swimming has developed Awards specifically to support the NPTS.

Rookie Life Saving

The Rookie Lifeguard programme has been designed by water safety specialists at RLSS UK and aims to ensure that every child in the country has essential water skills to keep themselves safe and has knowledge of what to do in an emergency. 

Children will learn many new skills, including towing, floating, diving from the surface and poolside and retrieving objects from the bottom of the pool. Children will be taught how to tread water efficiently, thus preserving heat and energy, as well as swimming with clothes on and removing them from within the water. Swimmers can participate in the Rookie Lifeguard programme once they have achieved their
Stage 6. 

Certificates and badges may be purchased at the lesson from your poolside operator or from our online shop.
The attention and encouragement shown to Joshua is fantastic.
Annabel looks forward to coming every week. She has flourished in this short space of time!
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