• Coil and throw a rope to a casualty 12m away and pull to the side, in less than 30               seconds.
  • Using initiative, assist 2 casualties in difficulty up to 15m away in shallow water. A           selection of rescue aids will be available. Demonstrate non-contact rescues for                 both casualties. Instruct casualties what to do and assist to land. Treat for shock.
  • Following appropriate hand signals from land, swim up to 20m to a point where an           unconscious casualty has disappeared from sight in deep water. The pupil should             be able to understand signals; attract attention, move to the left, move to the right,           go further out, stay where you are, message understood, investigate object in the             water and return to shore.
  • This item can continue directly after no. 3 - An unconscious casualty is lying face             down in the water 20m away. Swim to turn the casualty over then perform a swim             and toe for 20m using a chin tow or cross chest tow back to deep water or a point           beyond standing depth. Shout for help. Assess for normal breathing. Commence               Supported Rescue Breathing whilst waiting for help (approx 1 min) returning to                 shallow water. Timed swim for 2 min 30 sec. Then shout for help. With help then on         the scene, place the casualty in the support position ready to land the casualty.                 STOP before any lifts are attempted. Explain what actions you would then take.
  • Using any recognised competitive stroke, swim 400m continuously, in less than 12           minutes.

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