Stage 7

Developing quality stroke technique up to 100 metres, incorporating skills learnt and combining them to develop a linked routine and complete successfully an obstacle course that combines a variety of skills accomplished throughout stages 1 – 7.

By the end of this stage, participants will be able to:

  •         Swim 25 metres Backstroke
  •         Swim 25 metres Front Crawl
  •         Swim 25 metres Breaststroke
  •         Swim 25 metres Butterfly

    Perform a movement sequence of 1 minute duration, in a group of 3 or more, incorporating a number of the following skills:

  •         Sculling: head first, feet first; rotation – forward, backwards somersault, log roll;
  •         Floating: star on the front/on the back, tuck float, create own;
  •         Eggbeater: moving, lifting one or both arms out of the water link skills with strokes and sculls.
  •         Perform a sitting dive
  •         Swim 50 metres continuously using one stroke
  •         Swim 100 metres, using a minimum of 3 different strokes
  •         Tread water using egg beater action for 30 seconds
  •         Complete an obstacle course (using minimum of 4 objects) with feet off the bottom throughout

*Refer to Swim England expected stroke standards sheet
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